Cúinne an Ghiorria Aartist’s Statement

Cuinne an ghiorria, The hare’s corner, is the tradition in Irish farming of leaving the corner of a field uncut to allow wildlife to shelter and thrive. It is a mark of respect to nature and a recognition of the interdependence of human activity and wild nature. Wild plants spring up in these spaces, bees and other insects forage, birds and mammals come along to avail of the food source, and very soon an important ecosystem has come to life. The apple trees in your nearby orchard will fruit, your potatoes, turnips, strawberries and herbs and many other plants will yield crops thanks to the pollinators supported by this special corner.

My current work explores the native plants that are important for our bee populations, and how we all have a part in sustaining these important creatures. We can all nurture our own hare’s corner. Whether we farm 1000 acres, or we’re an urban householder, we can set aside part of our domain – leave an area of our garden uncultivated so that wild plants can take a hold. Also plant flowers to attract pollinators. Even an apartment dweller with a window box can be a pit-stop for foraging bees.

I wish to capture the essence of these plants within their natural habitat.